Erich Nowsch pleads not guilty, trial date set

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The 19-year-old man accused of shooting and killing Las Vegas mother Tammy Meyers appeared in court Thursday morning to be arraigned on a variety of charges, including murder.

Erich Nowsch pled not guilty and a trial date of May 26 was set by the judge.


Nowsch was indicted by a grand jury last week.

The shooting happened on Feb. 12. It was initially reported as being related to a case of road rage, but was soon revealed that it was not random and the victim and suspected killer knew each other.

There have been rumors that the shooting is related to a drug deal gone bad.

According to police, Tammy Meyers had just finished giving her daughter a driving lesson when the pair encountered Nowsch and someone else on the road.

Meyers drove home, dropped off her daughter, and picked up her son, who was armed.

The pair then reportedly went looking for Nowsch and his companion. After locating them, there was a confrontation and Nowsch allegedly followed Meyers and her son home.

There was a shootout in the cul-de-sac where the Meyers home is located and Tammy Meyers was shot in the head.

She died in the hospital on Feb. 14.

Nowsch was arrested on Feb. 19 after a brief standoff with police.

Attorneys for the young man are claiming that the shooting was in self-defense.   

When asked how their client is holding up behind bars, they say he's doing better. 

"He's very scared. He's young and he's in a confusing and terrifying environment. But that being said, I can't imagine what it would be like at his age and his size among the people he's among over at CCDC," said Conrad Claus, Nowsch's defense attorney. "But that being said, he's better than he's been."