Defendants in Tammy Meyers shooting appear in court

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- For the first time, both suspects charged in the murder of 44-year-old Tammy Meyers appeared in court.

At one point, the judge told co-defendant Derrick Andrews not to speak.

Andrews and Erich Nowsch sat just feet away from each other. Of course, there was no contact between the two because that's not allowed.

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Police said the two young men were in the same car the night Tammy was shot outside her home. They believe 26-year-old Andrews was the driver and 19-year-old Nowsch pulled the trigger.

On Thursday in court, Nowsch told the judge he didn't do it. He said he's not guilty of murder and attempted murder charges.

The district attorney is considering the death penalty against him.

Nowsch's attorney brought that up on Thursday, saying he's afraid he won't get all of the photos, GPS and cellphone data he needs to present to the Death Penalty Committee before it discusses Nowsch's case on April 2.

"There's a lot of evidence that we haven't received yet and one of those pieces of evidence is really important," said Attorney Conrad Claus.

As for Andrews, this is what happened when he tried to talk in court on Thursday:

Andrews: Can I speak your honor?
Judge: Sir, no. I am going to appoint you an attorney, sir. I need to protect your rights. It's best that you don't say anything without an attorney present, alright? And we're coming back on Tuesday, sir.
Andrews: Okay.

Both suspects are facing the same charges.

But when Action News asked District Attorney Steve Wolfson if he may also seek the death penalty against Andrews, he said he wouldn't comment on that at this time.

The judge told Nowsch's attorney to visit the evidence vault and meet with detectives on his own to try to get the evidence he needs by next week.