DA will not seek death penalty for suspects in Tammy Meyers shooting

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- There will be no death penalty for murder suspects Erich Nowsch and Derrick Andrews, who are both accused in the shooting death of Tammy Meyers.

The district attorney's office made the decision after meeting with the defendants' lawyers and the Death Penalty Committee.

The defense attorneys and the DA all agreed in this case that there were several factors that worked in favor of the defendants. One of them being that neither suspect has a significant criminal history and they are both very young.

"Although we feel strongly in our case and punishment will be obtained at the end, we don't feel this was the appropriate case to try the death penalty," said Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

The defense attorneys also argued the victim, Tammy Meyers, played a role in her own death by leaving her home with her armed son the night of the shooting to seek out the man prosecutors say she had a road rage altercation with earlier in the night.

They said Nowsch and Andrews both had traumatic childhoods as well, potentially creating mental issues, since each lost their father to suicide at a young age and Nowsch also has a documented history of being abused as a child.

They also made an argument for state of mind, saying Nowsch, the accused trigger man, had been receiving threats before the shooting.

"We have confidence in be justice and wisdom of our public servants," said Nowsch's attorney, Conrad Claus.

Wolfson said, at the end of the day, this case just didn't merit being tried for the death penalty.

"We compare it to the kinds of cases where we do file death, like a person who rapes and kills a mother and daughter in front of the rest of the family. That's a case for the death penalty."

Present at the committee hearing were chief deputy district attorneys and attorneys for the appellate courts where a case might go for appeal.

Wolfson said despite death being taken off the table, he's confident the punishment will be appropriate.

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