Cellphone records lead to grand jury indictment for Derrick Andrews

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We're learning exactly what was said at the grand jury hearing when murder suspect Derrick Andrews was indicted.

Among the evidence shown to jurors: Cellphone records police say puts him in the car with Erich Nowsch the night Tammy Meyers was shot.

Grand jurors indicted 26-year-old Andrews as Nowsch's co-conspirator in the shooting death of Meyers, but he didn't make it easy on detectives, erasing his phone and telling family members he was innocent.

According to the transcripts, Andrews told police he was at home sick the night of the shooting and didn't pick up Nowsch in his car, but detectives traced his phone and they said records prove he lied.

The records revealed Nowsch calling Andrews prior to the shooting, then Andrews' cellphone moving into Nowsch's neighborhood followed by a period of silence between the two when police say they were in the car together.

Andrews tried to explain away how his cellphone could have been in a moving vehicle if he was, as he said, at home sick. He suggested someone could have taken his phone, but couldn't answer as to how someone had been calling and texting a female friend during the same time it was supposedly stolen.

The lead detective on the case, Clifford Mogg, testified to the grand jury, "Had somebody taken his phone, they wouldn't be calling his friend."

The grand jury indicted Andrews on charges of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson decided just days ago that neither suspect will face the death penalty in this case, largely because of their age and lack of significant criminal history.

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