Sandoval issues statement against background checks initiative

Gov. Brian Sandoval has issued an official statement opposing the background checks initiative — short and not sweet (for backers) and dismissive.

I reported Tuesday evening on KTNV that the governor was planning to oppose Question 1. Now this from his spokeswoman Mari St. Martin:

“Consistent with his previous actions on this issue, the governor does not support Question 1.  He has concerns that this measure would dilute the legitimate rights of law abiding Nevadans and that it does not actually address the complex issue of keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals.”

Supporters had hoped that Sandoval, who vetoed a background checks measure in 2013, might change his position because they had eliminated some of his objections (such as exempting family-member-to-family-member transactions) in his veto message). 

But this is Nevada, where finding a Republican who favors a gun control measure is as easy as finding a Democratic constitutional officer.


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