State Senate leaders embrace Seaman, who continues to attack their signature achievement

Despite a recent embrace from GOP state Senate leaders who pushed through a record tax increase, Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman continues to obliquely criticized their main accomplishment of the 2015 session, calling it “one of the worst things that ever happened in Nevada history.”

Seaman was referring to a new business tax on companies that gross $4 million a year, a centerpiece of Gov. Brian Sandoval's tax package pushed through the upper house by Majority Leader Michael Roberson and his lieutenant, Ben Kieckhefer. Both state senators, who supported Seaman's primary foe, have recently promoted her candidacy on social media.

And here is what she thinks of their leadership on the so-called Commerce Tax:

 “I think it's one of the worst things that ever happened in Nevada history is the Commerce Tax, and hopefully at some point we're going to get people up there that we can somehow do away with it,” Seaman told a GOP group last month. The audio was provided by a Democratic tracker.

Seaman’s opposition to the tax was a key part of her smashing primary victory over her tax-supporting colleague Erv Nelson. How that position plays across a broader electoral spectrum including in a key swing district that has a Democratic plurality, remains to be seen.

Sandoval has yet to endorse Seaman. But it has to be uncomfortable for him and the two state Senate leaders considering she is campaigning against their signature achievement of the 2015 session.


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