LGBT group running ads for Heck in Senate Race

A conservative Super PAC supporting LGBT rights has begun a digital campaign against Democratic Senate hopeful Catherine Cortez Masto, pummeling her for supporting the Iran deal.

The American Unity PAC ad, which you can see below, points out the oppression of gays in Iran. The group is the latest third party to weigh in on a Senate race that is crowding out almost anything else on the Nevada airwaves and uses a familiar issue in the contest (the Iran deal) that Republicans have used against Cortez Masto.

Her opponent, Joe Heck, has not been a gay marriage supporter but he did vote in April with Democrats to try to stop the GOP from gutting the president’s executive order on LGBT job discrimination. He also cosponsored the Juror NonDiscrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the Veterans Spouses Equal Treatment Act, which made same-sex spouses eligible for benefits.

The PAC’s senior adviser, Tyler Deaton, told me Heck’s medical experience makes him more sensitive, adding, “He has a personal touch, and really cares.”

The buy is $200,000, Deaton said.


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