Legislator claims support for education package she opposed, touts phantom condemnation of Bundy

An assemblywoman who opposed Gov. Brian Sandoval’s tax/education package and co-sponsored a bill designed to help Cliven Bundy is now touting her support for the education budget and her condemnation of the Bunkerville rancher.

This spectacular act of political contortion by Victoria Seaman, who is running for the state Senate seat that could determine control, is contained in a new mail piece she touted on Twitter this week.

The piece is paid for a PAC set up by consultants to Gov. Brian Sandoval who also have helped Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson — the same PAC that called Seaman a "tax hypocrite" during the primary and tried to defeat her. Roberson has now embraced her in her bid to take Mark Lipparelli's seat, widely considered to be the race that could swing the state Senate, now held by the GOP by 11-10. Sandoval has been silent.

Seaman’s campaign manager, Ryan Hamilton, declined to comment on the piece; Mike Slanker and Jeremy Hughes, who run the PAC, did not return requests for comment.

“It’s a fact,” the piece says. “As an assemblywoman, Victoria Seaman voted for Gov. Sandoval’s education budget.”

Indeed, that is a fact. Unlike most Republicans who opposed the taxes to pay for that budget, Seaman tried to have it both ways during the 2015 session. She actually voted for the spending but against the taxes, which might be called…hypocritical. She also called the new Commerce Tax, which was part of the package, "one of the worst things that ever happened in Nevada history" in a speech.

This has been a tactic occasionally used by Republicans over the years — vote for the education budget but oppose the spending so they can brag during campaigns that they support education and hope no one points out what they have done. I assure you Sandoval and Roberson considered Seaman a foe during the session.

On Bundy, Seaman co-sponsored an unconstitutional public lands bill designed to aid the outlaw rancher and attended a rally in Carson City on his behalf. She voted against the final measure after it was gutted in committee.

“Seaman opposes racism and Bundy,” the piece says, risibly. The racism assertion apparently refers to Bundy's infamous disquisition on the plight of "the Negro" in 2014. The mailer points out that Seaman is a Latina who “condemns Cliven Bundy.”

Oh? I see no evidence she has ever done so.

I have reached out to the governor comment. But for Seaman to claim to have supported his plan and to have opposed Bundy is one of the most amazing acts of chutzpah I have seen in some time, and clearly shows her campaign is worried about opponent Nicole Cannizzaro going after her on the issues. 


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