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Local musicians quit band over racist Facebook comments

Posted: 6:21 PM, May 10, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-11 23:41:52Z

Desire The Fire, a Las Vegas band is in some hot water over some offensive comments on Facebook. 

It began with a small feud about healthy snacks, but quickly got out of hand.

Casondra Surface was the original poster. She said she eats avocados a lot then asked if anyone had any other suggestions of things to eat.

Somehow things escalated to the point where a woman named Kayla Elliott was making racial comments and attacking other posters.

She wrote "I don't like fattys or blacks" and later on, "I don't like black people."

"I just can't believe that somebody really thinks like that. It's horrible. That's not the way you should ever treat somebody," Surface said.

Some of the comments were directed toward a man named Gerald Bryant.

Bryant told 13 Action News the racial remarks hurt him, but the response from friends has been unbelievably uplifting. He says he's received 50 to 100 supportive messages from people all over the world.

Elliott is married to the lead singer of local metal band Desire the Fire.

After her comments, two band members posted they were leaving the group.

Michael James wrote he doesn't condone the comments "that can only be described as degrading and racist in nature."

Paul Draven followed with his resignation, posting, "I do not support hate and racism. I'm a firm believer of values, integrity and respect!"

Desire the Fire was scheduled to play at local venue Count's Vamp'd next week. Management there has decided to cancel the show.

We also reached out to the band on their Facebook page and didn't get a response.

The story has spawned a new symbol to represent tolerance.

Surface, Bryant and others have changed their Facebook profile pictures to avocados, in reference to what the original conversation was about.

They're calling it #AvocadoArmy.

"No body shaming, no racism, we just want everybody to get along," Surface said. "It's just making a statement."

The band's Facebook page, which had nearly one million followers, has been deactivated.