Heller predicts Kavanaugh confirmation to court by October

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Nevada Sen. Dean Heller says he's willing to bet $100 that the Senate will confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by October.

The Republican said on "Nevada Newsmakers" on Wednesday that even if there's a delay he believes Kavanaugh will be confirmed before the November election.

The senator is in a tough re-election battle and is the only Republican senator running for another term in a state that Democrat Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

Heller has portrayed himself to conservatives as the only thing standing in the way of Democrats taking the Senate and picking the next Supreme Court justice.

His Democratic opponent Rep. Jacky Rosen says Kavanaugh will tilt the high court to the right and open the way for rulings that could undermine health care or reverse or weaken the right to an abortion.

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