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Do doorbell cameras help cut down crime?

Posted: 7:22 AM, Sep 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-17 19:02:23Z
Do doorbell cameras help cut down crime?
Do doorbell cameras help cut down crime?
Do doorbell cameras help cut down crime?
Do doorbell cameras help cut down crime?

Doorbell cameras have captured numerous crimes in progress. More and more homeowners are turning to these electronic set of eyes to protect their homes. But do these help in preventing crime?

We asked Las Vegas police and they say there is no study directly correlating crime statistics and doorbell cameras. But one thing's for sure -- criminals do not want to be seen and they definitely do not want to be caught on camera.

Kenji Kita has Ring Doorbell. It captured a man stealing a package from Kenji's home.

"Violated. I feel violated."

Although the device did not stop the thief, Kenji says it helped him ward off someone suspicious trying to get in his home.

The Ring Doorbell app lets you talk to people on your doorstep.

"So I answered it thorough the ring app and they said they're here to give me an estimate on carpet cleaning. And I'm like first, I didn't ask for any service to come out."

He called police and the strangers left.

Officer Larry Hatfield of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say cameras may not prevent all crime but it's a deterrent. It makes crooks think twice before before committing a crime.

It also changes the way investigators do their jobs --- making it easier to solve crimes with the help of neighbors one door at a time.

"If a street has numerous people that have that type of technology, we may be able to get that  person at a different image or different point of view or also an associated vehicle," says Officer Hatfield.

Las Vegas police has a community surveillance program where you can register and let them know you have cameras in your home. Whenever there's a crime in your neighborhood, police can contact you and ask for you to review videos to see if the cameras captured potential suspects or vehicles involved.

Henderson police has a similar program as well.