Tearful mother explains son's struggle on Dirty Dining

Dirty Dining goes out for ice cream and smoothies

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - A brother in Mexico with cerebral palsy and a family to support in Las Vegas. All based on earnings from a small ice cream shop.

It's enough to bring Ofelia Andrade to tears as she tries--through a translator--to explain her son's struggle.

"Her son, he's a hard worker, he's a father. He makes the ice cream for the business," said the translator. "He could be doing other things--as a drug dealer or something like that--but he's doing this for his family--this business right here--so that's why his mother is proud of him."

Pios Pios ice cream shop and snacks on Maryland Parkway and Sahara got a 35-demerit C grade from the Health District after inspectors found lots of expired food.  

There was expired superkale salad, and spinach and beet greens that were two weeks old.  

Peach yogurt had expired in November and strawberry yogurt was from before Halloween.

Ofelia, who helps run her son's store, says she appreciates the health inspector's guidance in keeping up with maintenance and expiration dates and pledges to do better from now on.  

She added that the shop had been closed for three weeks before the inspector showed up.

"When she came, that's when it opened back up, I guess," said the translator.

Other violations included a food handler who collected money, prepared food and took a customer's business card--all while wearing the same gloves.  

Breaded fish was left out at room temperature.  

And a scoop handle was laying in ready to eat cheese.  

The Health District also placed food on hold for further investigation because it's either unwholesome, adulterated or from an unapproved source.  

There was no English language on the original manufacturer's packaging, so artificial food colorings they were using could not be confirmed as safe.

There was one imminent health hazard closure at Tropical Smoothie in Village Square on Sahara and Fort Apache.  

They were shut down for operating with no hot water, but also for repeat non-compliance with sanitation and maintenance.

They'd been told to fix an oven plate twice during prior inspections.  

The can opener and its holder were soiled.  

There was black mold in the ice machine.  

And all reach-in coolers were sticky and dirty with old, dried food debris.  

Inspectors also found excessive trash in the kitchen and restrooms, as well as food debris on prep and make tables, cutting boards and counters. 

Tropical Smoothie reopened with a 3-demerit A grade.  

Pios, Pios still has a C.

Documents from this week's Dirty Dining

Weekly Restaurant Inspection Downgrade Report 1/11/18

Tropical Smoothie Cafe inspection report 1/3/18



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