Sushi Way, Five Star Tavern, McDonald's, Subway and more on Dirty Dining

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - If sushi is your heart's desire, take note! Sushi Way on Paradise Road and Twain Avenue got a 32-demerit C grade on its January 30 inspection.  

Violations included dirty dishes stored as clean, excessive build-up on soda machine nozzles and improper handwashing. 

"Touching raw food and then ready to eat food. Touching dirty dishes and then clean dishes. And that's kind of a basic thing. Your employees should know better, right?" Darcy Spears asked the restaurant owner on the phone after an employee called him.

Sushi Way's owner apologized and said he's making a checklist for employees to follow while he himself goes through training to become a Certified Food Protection Manager.  

Inspectors also found open packages of raw shrimp stored over cut lettuce for salads, utensils stored in standing water in the temperature danger zone and a repeat violation for gaps under the exit door that could allow pest entry.

The owner said he's working very hard to fix everything and educate his employees so this doesn't happen again.

We've got four imminent health hazards, beginning with Five Star Tavern on Rainbow Boulevard and Smoke Ranch. It's the third Five Star we've had on Dirty Dining.  

Inspectors shut down the Rainbow and Smoke Ranch location on Feb. 1 after finding waste water and sewage backing up into the bar.  

Management decided to stayed open despite having to leave all exterior doors open due to the noxious smell.  

Five Star Tavern was shut down a second time that same day after the Health District discovered they'd re-opened without re-inspection.

They officially reopened Feb. 2 with a 3-demerit A grade.  

The general manager did not return our call for comment.

McDonald's on North Decatur near Deer Springs Way was shut down Feb. 1 for operating with no hot water.

A spokesperson send a statement which said, “We are committed to providing a safe environment for guests and crew members. After a shopping center water main break, we discovered a malfunction in the restaurant’s hot water. To ensure everyone’s safety, the restaurant closed and reopened the next day with an A Grade from the Health District when the issue was fixed.”

Subway inside Walmart on Rainbow and Cheyenne Avnue was shut down on Jan. 30 for a fruit fly infestation. The bugs were getting into open food in the display case and buzzing the back prep area.

Subway re-opened the next day with a zero-demerit A grade. The owner called it a fluke incident and said she takes pride in their food and their history of nothing but A grades in all the years the restaurant has been open.

The outside bar at Brio Tuscan Grille in Town Square was shut down on Jan. 30 due to no hot water at the bar's only handwash sink. It re-opened next day with a 3-demerit A grade. The closure did not involve the restaurant.  

General Manager Jesse Samaniego said they take their customer's health very seriously and this was a wake-up call from the Health District. He said it was a mistake not to self-close and call the inspector when they realized there was a problem with the hot water at the outside bar.  

But he said it was fixed right away and they have a new plan for more rigorous checks of water temperature and soap at their handsinks.

Documents for this week's Dirty Dining

Weekly restaurant inspection downgrade report from Southern Nevada Health District

Five Star Tavern complaint report

Five Star Tavern report and notice of inspection

Five Star Tavern inspection report

Sushi Way inspection report

Brio inspection report

McDonald's at 6595 Decatur inspection report

Subway at 3041 N. Rainbow inspection report

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