DIRTY DINING: Cockroaches are causing closures at restaurants across the valley

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - Cockroaches are causing closures at restaurants across the valley. 

Plus, for the second time, Dirty Dining heads to Downtown Summerlin, and tonight, Darcy Spears is taking us out for sushi.

It's that time of year again where the roaches are back and this week they are out in force. 

We've got four places to tell you about--three of them were shut down for cockroach infestations. 

In fact, the only place that did not have roaches is the place that did have the most demerits.

And that place is Sushi Loca in Downtown Summerlin. 

With a 38-demerit C grade, they were just three points away from being shut down.

"They came at a very busy time," said Sushi Loca Head Server Juyeon Park. "And then they were watching when they were cooking, so..."

Inspectors saw problems with handwashing after cracking raw eggs, and found cans of fuel stored over boxes of food.

Also, restaurants are not allowed to keep potentially hazardous foods past their use by, sell by or best by date. At Sushi Loca, there were two half gallons of sour cream and 10 quarts of yogurt that were nearly two weeks old.  Another half gallon of sour cream had expired some time in January.

Darcy Spears: Why was that stuff in there? Some of it dated back to January.
Juyeon Park: I think we didn't use any of those items. I think they just didn't check. But we found it, so I threw it all away, right away.

Inspectors also found fried soft shell crab left on the counter at an unsafe temperature. 

Raw beef was thawing on top of a cardboard box. 

The freezer was "severely disorganized" with lots of food improperly stored, including on the floor. 

And two fly zappers were installed over food prep surfaces.

Darcy: So if it zaps a fly, the dead fly's going to fall in the food.
Juyeon: Yeah, you know, that kind of does not make sense because we use a company.

A company who she says installed the zappers incorrectly. 

As for the mold in their ice machine...

Juyeon: The health inspector found some, the dirty...
Darcy: Moldy, slimy stuff that nobody wants in their drinks.
Juyeon: Yeah, but we have already cleaned it.

There is some good news for Sushi Loca: all the other places in this report had cockroaches. They had none.

Two restaurants and parts of a grocery store were shut down due to bug infestations. 

At Pancho's Vegan Tacos on Pecos and Tropicana, roaches were everywhere. Inspectors even found them living in discarded condiment cups, which were filled with cockroach feces.

The tortilleria inside La Bonita supermarket on Rainbow and Flamingo failed its initial inspection due to multi-generational German cockroaches. Inspectors even found a cockroach egg casing. The bakery was also closed due to the imminent health hazard.

And Longhorn casino's restaurant on Boulder Highway and Harmon was shut down after inspectors following up on a complaint found multi-generational German cockroaches and black mold. 

They were required to undergo a deep cleaning, which they really needed by the look of some of their kitchen equipment.

Upon re-inspection, despite finding greasy residue on shelves and equipment, and the smell of rancid grease at the loading dock, the restaurant at Longhorn was allowed to re-open.

All the restaurants and the tortilleria and bakery at La Bonita are now back to A grades.

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