Dirty Dining: Flock & Fowl and Plate Bar & Grill

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - The Health District's sign is missing from the door at Flock & Fowl, but the restaurant on Sahara near the strip is still closed and has been since May 24.  

That's when the Health District found three imminent health hazards there.

The restaurant has 39 demerits, which would normally be a C grade but resulted in closure because of those imminent health hazards: inadequate refrigeration, no hot water, and a rat infestation.

Inspectors found an excessive amount of recent rat droppings and fecal matter throughout the main back prep area.

The person in charge told the Health District that Flock & Fowl does not have an active professional pest control service.  

Inspectors did see multiple rat traps around the building and one inside on a kitchen storage shelf above food contact surfaces.

Also, all packages and containers of food in the walk-in cooler were at unsafe temperatures because the refrigerator was broken, and so were thermometers and the non-functioning heat lamp over chicken, which was deep in the temperature danger zone.

Inspectors say Flock & Fowl has failed consecutive routine inspections.  

We left a voicemail for the owner, but our call was not returned.

The Health District says Flock & Fowl has not scheduled a re-inspection.  

We've got one other high-demerit restaurant. In the midst of the NBA and Stanley Cup finals, a sports bar finds itself in the Dirty Dining spotlight.

Diamond Crystal salt is for melting snow on roads and use in water softener systems, but at The Plate Bar and Grill on Lamb near Sahara, it's used to season the prime rib. That's despite a warning on the bag that it's "Not approved for direct food use."  

And that's just one violation that led to a 38-demerit C grade on The Plate's May 23 inspection.

The bar's A grade from July 2017 is easy to see, but the restaurant's C grade is obscured behind a horseshoe wall decoration.

That C came after inspectors found flies in the kitchen, a large container of moldy grapes, expired milk and whipping cream and an excessively soiled ice machine with so much mold that it was immediately removed from service for deep cleaning.

Kitchen equipment and floors were dirty with heavy grease and old food debris.  

Deli meat was not date-labeled and the person in charge did not know how old it was.  

And many single-serving containers of sour cream, ranch, and salsa had to be thrown out due to unsafe temperatures.

The owner wasn't there when we stopped by but he did call later to comment.

He said part of the problem was a new health inspector who took issue with the kind of refrigerators they'd been using.  

He admitted the road salt was their mistake but said they used it for food seasoning all the time in Wisconsin.  

He said he'd need to talk to his kitchen staff about the rest of the violations.

The Plate still has a C grade.


Documents for this week's Dirty Dining report

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