UPDATE: Court date reset in Jason Quate case

UPDATE JUNE 23: A judge on Thursday pushed back to Sept. 21 the date for Jason Scott Quate's next appearance on sex trafficking and living from the earnings of a prostitute charges.
Quate remains jailed without bail.
Prosecutor James Sweetin says the postponement lets the state go forward with a separate case charging Quate with child sexual assault, abuse and lewdness involving the daughters, ages 11 and 13.
They're now in child protective custody.

UPDATE JUNE 20: A judge on Tuesday set a July 26 hearing to determine if there is evidence for Jason Quate to stand trial in state court on 33 felony charges of child sexual assault, abuse and lewdness.

UPDATE JUNE 16: Jason Quate is facing 33 new charges stemming from the neglect and abuse of his two daughters. Quate admitted to murdering a third daughter before fleeing Illinois and moving to Las Vegas.

Here's a list of the new charges:

  • 5 charges of sexual assault against a child < 14
  • 21 charges of lewdness with a child < 14
  • 1 charge of open and gross lewdness with a child < 18
  • 2 charges of child abuse/neglect with SBMH (substantial body and mental harm)
  • 4 charges of child abuse or neglect

UPDATE JUNE 13: According to his arrest report, Jason Quate admitted to killing his daughter in Illinois and helping cover up the crime.

Quate also told police he hit two of his daughters with an extension cord. The beatings left multiple marks and scars on the children.

When asked what caused him to strike the girls, Quate told police that one time his daughters cussed and "had an attitude about it."

Quate described a history of abuse to police. According to the arrest report, one child recevied a cut to the head from her sister throwing an object but the wound was not treated, which eventually led to a bald on her scalp. 

According to the arrest report, Quate denied any accusations of inappropriate sexual touching. One of the daughters was found to have an injury probable to sexual abuse.

Police found several images of child pornography on Quate's phone as well, involving prepubescent girls.

The report also describes the daughters as not really knowing their mother, who had told police that she was allowed limited time with them.

UPDATE JUNE 12: The wife of Jason Quate appeared in Las Vegas courtroom on Monday morning. She is facing charges in Illinois for concealing the death of her daughter. She waived her right to an extradition hearing on Monday.

Jason Quate also appeared in court on Monday morning. In addition to facing charges of concealing his daughter's death in Illinois, he is facing charges of forcing his wife into prostitution and possession of child porn. His heading was continued until Monday because the district attorney wants to handle those charges before the Illinois charges. He was ordered to return at 8 a.m. Friday.

UPDATE JUNE 9 at 2:20 P.M.: Jason S. Quate and his wife (name omitted) are charged with committing the offense of concealment of homicidal death according to a warrant served by the State of Illinois.

The warrant says both parents had knowledge that their daughter had died by homicidal means, concealed the death of the child by storing her body in a plastic storage container and concealed the body.

"These are dark disturbing allegations," said State's Attorney Brendan Kelly with St. Clair County in Illinois. 

The charges are classified as a Class 3 criminal felony and combined with the couple's criminal history, Kelly said they could face up to 10 years in jail. 

When asked why the State's Attorney's office didn't pursue murder charges, Kelly explained the investigation is still ongoing while police wait for a full autopsy of the decomposed body, which will take some time because of how long it had been decaying.

"The law enforcement that investigated this case, this is one of those cases where it can be pretty heavy on them," Kelly said. "We will go wherever we need to go to pursue the evidence because that's what justice requires."

UPDATE JUNE 9 at 10:51 A.M.: Jason Quate appeared before a judge today for charges of possession of visual porn of a person 16 years old or younger, child abuse or neglect, sex trafficking of an adult, and living off the earnings of prostitution. Quate has been placed on hold without bail.

In the arrest report released today, Quate's journey from Illinois to Las Vegas with his family is told in detail.

Quate's wife told police that he had forced her into prostitution in Illinois, so that the family could save enough money to move to Las Vegas. The wife was told that she must earn a minimum of $200 a night prostituting and that it was mandatory she do it if "she loved her kids."

When the wife tired of prostituting Quate would threaten to beat her or kill her, said the report. The couple eventually saved up $1,500, rented a van, and moved to Las Vegas. The wife continued to prostitute once the family arrived in Las Vegas and was the sole income for the family.

Quate's wife also told police Quate had forced the family to leave Illinois because Child Protective Services was allegedly investigating the family. 

According to the police report, Quate's wife told police the family had been investigated twice by CPS. On one occasion a principal had reported the family after Jason Quate was seen "inapproriately kissing [name redacted] while dropping her off at school". 

Quate's wife told police both of those claims were reportedly unfounded by CPS. 

Quate referred to himself in the report as a "stay at home dad" and that his wife paid the rent, utilities, and food. He did make mention that he was not a pimp, but he did tell his wife to prostitute herself.

UPDATE JUNE 8: Detectives from Illinois, who are investigating the possible death of a couple's 6-year-old girl, told 13 Action News they have two people in custody for their investigation.

The detectives are in Las Vegas investigating the homicide, but did not name the people in custody because charges have not officially been filed. 

Detectives said they would try to apply homicide charges on the people detained. 

The mother of the dead girl found in an Illinois garage was also arrested on unrelated charges stemming from a warrant in Illinois Thursday. The woman has been jailed at Clark County Detention Center.

Police said she is facing forgery charges from St. Clair County in Illinois. 

Her husband Jason Quate also faces a new charge of child abuse or neglect. He's expected to face a judge tomorrow morning. 

UPDATE JUNE 7: Neighbors say they had frequently heard yelling from the apartment near Sahara and Eastern avenues where Jason Quate and his family lived. 

"We told them there is a girl screaming every single day that needs help," said neighbor Cameron Mendiola. 

Mendiola says he lived next to Quate for at least a year, before police came and raided the apartment yesterday. 

Quate was arrested on sex trafficking charges after his wife alerted police about the abuse. She also told police he abused and neglected their two daughters at the apartment and had killed their 6-year-old girl when the couple lived in Illinois. 

"We thought we heard other girls in there, but no one ever lived in there is what my parents said," Mendiola recalls. 

Mendiola said the arguments and yelling from the apartment brought police out at least twice in the last year, but no one was ever arrested. 

Right now, Las Vegas police investigating the abuse charges against Quate while detectives from Illinois are in Las Vegas investigation the homicide.

Quate is behind bars facing sex trafficking charges. He denied an interview. 

UPDATE JUNE 6: A man was arrested on sex trafficking charges after his wife told Las Vegas police she had been sex trafficked for two years. She also told police that her husband had killed their 6-year-old girl while they lived in Illinois.  

On June 5, Las Vegas police detectives were advised that an adult female victim had gone to a local women’s shelter and was seeking assistance.

The woman advised she had been sex trafficked by her husband for the last approximately 2 years. The victim indicated she lived with her husband, later identified as 34-year-old Jason Quate, in an apartment located near the intersection of East Sahara and South Eastern avenues. The victim also indicated there were two children still in the home that Quate was abusive to.

During the course of the investigation, the victim indicated she had moved to Las Vegas approximately 2 years ago, but they had previously lived in the state of Illinois. The victim advised that during their time in Illinois, they had 3 children, but that Quate had killed a 6-year-old girl and put her body in a container in a house.

LVMPD detectives contacted authorities in that jurisdiction, and the body of a child was located where the victim indicated it would be found.

Detectives authored a search warrant for the Las Vegas address, and in the early morning hours of June 6, LVMPD SWAT officers assisted with the service of that search warrant. Officers located the two children and took Quate into custody.

"I will tell you it was a very disturbing call. You have some very seasoned SWAT officers who were visibly shaken and moved by how disturbing of a scene it was out there this morning," said Las Vegas police Lt. Ray Spencer. "I will tell you just in the 19 years of law enforcement it is one of the cases I will never forget."

  • The children exhibited signs of abuse and neglect and were taken into protective custody.
  • Quate was transported to the Clark County Detention Center where he currently faces charges of sex trafficking of an adult and accept/receive earnings of a prostitute.
  • This investigation remains ongoing and these charges may be amended as more information is received.
  • Detectives are coordinating with authorities in Illinois on the discovery of the child’s body.

Anyone with any information about this case is urged to contact the LVMPD Vice Section at 702-828-3455. To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 702-385-5555.


CENTREVILLE, Ill. (AP) -- Authorities say human remains have been found after a Las Vegas woman told investigators her dead child had been in a vacant southern Illinois home for two years.

The discovery was made Tuesday in Centreville, a suburb southeast of St. Louis.

The local coroner, Calvin Dye Sr., says the woman called Las Vegas police early Tuesday, telling them her 7-year-old child died in 2015 and the body could be found in the home's garage. Dye says police found human remains wrapped in two blankets.

Dye says a forensic anthropologist will try to determine the child's gender, and police are trying to determine how the child died.

Dye didn't have details about the woman or the investigation. Police in Las Vegas and Centreville didn't immediately return messages from The Associated Press.

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