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Macy's, Kmart closures in valley signalling trend

Posted at 7:09 PM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 22:15:21-05
Two big department stores in the valley are closing: Kmart on Eastern Avenue in Henderson and Macy's at Boulevard Mall.
13 Action News found some shoppers outside the Kmart who said they are going to miss it when this location closes. It is among 150 of Sears stores set to close.
"I was somewhat surprised," said shopper Chris Wheeler, who learned the news from us. "I've seen they've had closures in other places. I'm surprised that it's happening in Las Vegas."
Ralph Canaria said he shops there for anything and everything, but mainly because of the great deals.
"We come here to shop for clothing, toys for my son, and a lot of kitchen stuff," Canaria said. 
13 Action News also talked with a woman who headed to Macy's and said she will be sad when it closes. The Boulevard Mall location is one of 68 locations shutting their doors for good nationwide.
"I was kind of heartbroken because I love Macy's," said Tandra Latham. "I always shop at this Macy's and it's kind of a convenient place to come to, we live pretty close by here." 
But it is the convenience of online shopping that financial expert Mike PeQueen, managing director at Hightower Advisors, says is leading to more brick-and-mortar stores closing.
"We as a society are undergoing a big change," said PeQueen. "We're moving away from the brick-and-mortar store unless it offers us an experience. We don't go to stores as much just to buy things. We click and buy those things and have them delivered to our door."
PeQueen calls it the "Amazon Effect" because so much shopping is done on sites like Amazon -- even for groceries and everyday items. 
"If you live in Las Vegas, you know that we picked up about a thousand jobs a few years ago when Amazon put a return center here and we're going to get another thousand in 2017 when they build a fulfillment center," he said.
Don't forget -- online shopping giant Zappos is also an Amazon company, providing hundreds of jobs to folks in our valley.