Best holiday gifts for pets and their people

The majority of pet owners will buy holiday gifts for their furry friends. And for those hard to shop for pet people, a gift that reminds them of their dog or cat makes the perfect present. Here are some tips to shop for pets and their people this holiday season.

Matching pet and human pajamas

This trend took social media by storm in November. Photos of adorable puppies with their people in matching jammies filled Facebook feeds and were even seen on national TV. Searches for "dog pajamas" soared according to data from Google Trends.

Online retailer quickly sold out of many prints of the matching dog and human pajamas. But don't despair. You can still find matching pajamas for the whole family including your kids and pets on Their prices for dog pajamas start at $19.99 and for the matching human pajamas.

Personalized storybook

A charming surprise for kids who love their pets. lets you customize a storybook featuring your dog by selecting your dogs breed type, color, accessories, and name. In the story, your pet takes off on an exciting adventure, but we won't' give away the ending. Prices start at $29.99.

Accessories featuring your pet's picture

People who love their pets will be crazy about these adorable socks featuring their furry friend's face. On you can upload a photo of the dog or cat and have it printed on socks in a variety of colors. Prices start at $29.99.

Treat and toy box delivery services

Pamper your canine companion with a delicious new box of treats and toys each month. You can have them delivered to your door and your dog will love helping to open the package.

One of the most popular services is Bark Box. It's $29.99 (including shipping) for one month and includes 4-6 full-size products. There are price breaks for ordering multiple months.

If you prefer an eco-friendly option, Paw Pack sells all-natural toy and treat subscription boxes and they also include an option for cats. Prices start at $35.00 per month

Pet furniture

IKEA now has a stylish line of furniture for your pets. Prices for beds start at $27.98. You may want to enlist some of Santa's elves to help you put it together.

Dog DNA Tests

Have you ever wondered what breeds are in your dog's family tree? You can get insight into your dog's ancestors, breed traits and possible health issues with a home DNA testing kit. A simple cheek swab sent to Wisdom Panel will give you the answers. Prices start at $84.99.

Fluffy fleece blanket

Double-sided blankets with faux fur and fleece are perfect for cuddling with your pets. You can find them online or at your favorite stores like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Here's one that's been tested by a professional napper.

Slumber Ball bed

A favorite of fans of the Doctors Foster and Smith Catalog these raised beds will keep your pet nestled in comfort. Prices start at $56.00.


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