Free Psychic Reading Online: Free Psychics Sites For Chat, Phone, Email Readings

3:12 PM, Jan 27, 2023
3:12 PM, Jan 27, 2023
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Free Psychic Reading Online: Free Psychics Sites For Chat, Phone, Email Readings

Life can kick you to the curb sometimes. What do you do when things don’t go your way or when you’re uncertain about some aspects of your life? You seek help. 

It is common nowadays to see people resorting to psychic predictions for guidance and clarity. So, whether you want answers about your career, love life, or life in general, the best online psychic reader can help you make the best choices and move forward.

Online psychic reading might confirm things you’re already aware of from the past and present and show them to you through a fresh perspective. Or it can ask you to deviate from your path and lead you to a better, safer place if the psychic expert senses negative energy.

All that said, not all online psychic readers are the same. While some online psychic mediums are authenticated and really good at what they do, some can be questionable. 

Therefore, we’ve done the leg work for you and narrowed down the list to the five best psychic readers based on their trustworthiness, accuracy, customer reviews, and other aspects.

Here are the Top 5 Free Psychic Sites

  • Mysticsense- Best Psychic Site, 5 Free Minutes
  • Kasamba - Top Site For Love Psychic Readings, 3 Minutes Free + 50% Off
  • Purple Garden - Best For Spirit Readings, $10 Free Credit With Any Purchase
  • Keen- Best For Free Tarot Readings, 3 Free Minutes 
  • Asknow - Best Phone Psychics, 15 Minutes For $10 & 5 Minutes Free

Mysticsense - Best Overall Psychic Site

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With over 20,000 satisfied customers, Mysticsense is one of the best online sites for accurate psychic readings. You can access it via a smartphone or computer today to get a reading based on your budget. The site lacks a mobile app; however, it is available 24x7.

You can get a reading through a live psychic chat, email, or phone. Email is better for those not seeking immediate answers. Most spiritual readings are given with the help of crystal balls and tarot cards. If you wish to get spirit medium readings to get answers from the world beyond us, tarot card and crystal ball readings are recommended. 

Mysticsense provides these services:

  • Energy Healing: Trusted psychics can alleviate your anxiety, stress, and other issues by changing the direction of your energy flow. 
  • Past Life Readings: Reincarnation is something many people believe in. If you feel like this is not your first life, you can get readings from spiritual psychics to reveal your past life and experiences.
  • Psychic mediums: Psychic medium reading can help you contact a loved one who is deceased and learn whether they are content in the other realm.

Mysticsense is user-friendly and quite straightforward, so you don’t have to be computer savvy to access it. You can create an account within minutes and choose live psychics depending on the pricing, specialties, and customer ratings. If you’re unhappy about a particular psychic’s service, the site will give you credits or time back that you can use for a different session with another reader.

What makes Mysticsense one of the best?

  • Options: There are many psychic services to choose from based on their specialties, reading type, topic, and expertise. 
  • Unique Search Tools: The site’s Search Tools help you narrow down the options and find the best psychics for your required services.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Mysticsense has only experienced and tested psychics and readers that offer the best answers to your queries. 
  • Competitive Prices: If you’re looking for a cheap psychic reading, the site provides real psychic readings at affordable rates. The first five minutes are free; however, this bonus is accessible only if you deposit a minimum of $10.

Kasamba - Top Site for Free Love Psychic Readings

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Established in 1999, Kasamba is a popular site for chat psychic reading, tarot reading, and love reading. Over 3 million customers have used this site and raved about their services.

While phone psychics and video calls are unavailable on Kasamba, you can opt for email or chat readings. The site provides various types of psychic readings, including tarot reading and astrology psychic readings.

Kasamba offers transparency and detailed psychic profiles for customers to elaborately learn about the psychic’s specialization, source, experience, reviews, and more. The site believes that customers ought to know if they are getting the right bang for their buck and where they are investing their money. 

Kasamba has a “top psychics” list on the site, so you can conveniently pick from the list of the most popular psychics if you’re confused. First-timers get a 50% discount and the first three minutes for free. Free online psychic reading for three minutes is available for all psychic reading services, making it easy for you to test them out and plan where to spend your money.

Why should you choose Kasamba?

  • 24x7 legit psychic reading: The site has its accurate psychics available all day and night for you to get a reading anytime. Anyone can use a live chat or email to get a reading. The most convenient part is that you can do it through the Kasamba mobile app.  
  • Trusted since 1999: Thousands of customers have used Kasamba for years, making it one of the most reliable and reputable psychics in the market. You can read the reviews on the site for each psychic and pick one based on your preference.
  • Transparency: The site provides detailed information on the psychics’ bio, reading history, experience, specializations, and everything you need to know. 
  • Affordable psychics and Negotiable Prices: You can find psychics on Kasamba that offer $1 psychic reading, as well as pricier ones. However, one unique feature of this site is that it allows you to contact the psychic directly to discuss the price. 
  • Free psychic reading: Since Kasamba provides free psychic chat for three minutes, plus a hefty discount for the rest of the session for first-time users, you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money.

Purple Garden - Best for Spirit Readings

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Even though it’s relatively new, Purple Garden stands among the top legit psychics available online. It is considered a top-notch platform where you can get in touch with accurate psychics via a mobile app. Several major publications have praised this site, and customers swear by it.

Purple Garden’s tarot readings have rave reviews from customers, stating it is one of the site’s best services. The website features an interactive interface that helps people find suitable and good psychics for their reading.

You can get real-time predictions and advice from psychic readers, unlike some platforms with pre-written answers and bots. One of the best things about Purple Garden is that you can contact an advisor on the site to help you find the best psychic for your needs. It is especially helpful for newcomers who don’t know how exactly to find a suitable reader.

Why should Purple Garden be your pick?

  • Real-Time Services: Not all psychic websites offer real-time answers to your questions. Purple Garden uses Artificial Intelligence optimization to provide psychics available in real-time. When you check their individual profiles, you’ll see “busy” or “online” to know if they are available. It helps you to avoid wasting time waiting for your turn and instead suggests another psychic who is available.
  • Several Psychic Categories: When you open the site, you’ll see a host of different categories, including “Top Rated,” “Most Accurate,” “Recommended for You,” “Trending Psychics,” and more. It will help filter your options if you’re unsure about which one to go for. Also, all the psychics have customer ratings, so you can check their reviews and feedback.
  • Availability of Psychic’s Profiles: The site lets customers decide which psychic to go for based on their bio, rating, qualifications, experience, and other aspects. You can check the comprehensive bio about the psychic instead of blindly choosing one.

Purple Garden also offers cheap psychics reading via video, chat, and phone. Plus, free phone psychic reading is applicable for the initial minutes, so you can determine whether a particular service fits your requirements before paying for the whole session. Such features help in gaining customers’ trust and loyalty. 

You can get tarot readings, dream interpretation, angel insights, horoscopes, love reading, and many more at Purple Garden.

Keen - Best for Tarot

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Serving a massive client base and home to numerous famous psychics, Keen is one of the best online sites for affordable readings. It was founded more than two decades ago and continues to maintain an up-to-date website and offer excellent psychic reading for a wide range of customers.

Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Bustle have featured Keen in their monthly issues. So, you can be sure they the site is legit and have many people swearing by it.

Keen offers multiple services, such as phone, email, and chat readings. Since it is a veteran website, Keen has the maximum number of psychics (around 1700 of them).

Whether you wish someone to do palm psychic readings, angel insights, numerology, mediumship, astrological readings, or love/career advice, the website has all the services you need.

The site has a user-friendly interface, helping clients select a psychic suitable to their needs. You can filter your search based on expertise, ratings, pricing, and various other factors. Also, Psychic listings are accessible on the site if you wish to check the bio and the full information about the psychic.

After finding a suitable psychic, you can make an appointment for an online chat or any form of communication you prefer with them. Fortunately, you can contact them conveniently from anywhere as Keen has an iOS and an Android-compatible app.

New clients get the first three minutes of psychic reading for free. You can also keep an eye on the site for timely deals and promotions. Keen provides a remarkable deal of around $1.99 for a 10-minute consultation with a top psychic.

Considering the site’s top-rated psychic reading quality and services, they are deemed one of the most economical real psychics available online.

What are Keen’s special features?

  • You can make appointments in advance: When a website is very popular, it can get pretty crowded, keeping many clients in line even for hours. You can avoid that at Keen by making an advance appointment. All you have to do is contact the advisor, schedule the date and time, and connect with them conveniently.
  • Multiple authentic psychics: There aren’t many websites that provide over a thousand psychics. Keen has the broadest range of options for you to select from whenever you need to talk to somebody about an issue. You can find a psychic almost any time you want by heading to the website or the mobile app.
  • Spiritual Readings: You can get in touch with clairvoyant psychics online through Keen to connect to the spiritual world. There are around forty clairvoyant readers on the website that specialize in this type of reading. 

Asknow - Best for Free Phone Psychic Readings

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Asknow has served clients for over sixteen years and continues to offer top-quality and accurate readings. Asknow psychics have many positive customer reviews, particularly for tarot readings. Based on your preference, you can opt for true psychics reading through chat or phone.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on psychic readings, you might want to opt for Asknow, as it has many affordable options that can fit most budgets. It is inclusive of topics like Astrology, love, career, dream interpretation, horoscope, finance, and more.

The website takes pride in its ability to maintain an impressive reputation by letting the psyshics go through a strict screening process. Therefore, clients can always expect the most accurate and true results when opting for services from Asknow. 

Another attractive feature of the site is that new customers get a free five-minute reading. If you’re not happy with the answers, you can get in touch with customer service, and they will give you another 5-minute reading for free from another psychic.

Why is Asknow one of our top picks?

  • Psychics available at different pricing tiers: Based on your budget, you can choose psychics or advisors from three tiers- Top-rated, Elite, and Master. If you’re on a limited budget and want to pick a less expensive psychic for your upcoming session, we recommend going for a top-rated advisor. This special feature allows customers to get psychic readings based on how much they are comfortable paying.
  • Great Introductory Offers: This is one of the best aspects of the site that made it earn a spot on our top five. Asknow has regular discounts and exclusive offers, especially for new clients. It offers free readings for five minutes with a few selected psychics. On top of that, the site’s introductory package includes a 20-30 minute reading session for just $1 a minute.
  • Multiple types of readings: Like most reputable online psychic reading platforms, Asknow also provides a number of readings. Customers can get their readings from many experienced advisors in various fields. While there are around fourteen psychic experts in past life readings, seventeen are dream specialists. If you want answers on finance and spiritual guidance, we highly recommend Asknow.

How We Picked Our Free Online Psychic Reading Websites

Numerous online psychics are available, which can make it overwhelming for you to pick the best one. Fortunately, you needn’t worry about that, as we’ve spotted the best psychic reading sites through our strict selection process containing these criteria-

  • Psychics’ Scrutinizing Process

The best psychic reading sites have only the best and the most accurate psychics, who they select through a tough vetting process. When a site has only verified psychics and advisors, it becomes more reliable and trustworthy, gaining more clients.

These websites also allow potential customers and clients to read about their psychics before paying for a session. For instance, you can see the psychics’ ratings, customer feedback, qualifications, and full bio on Purple Garden and decide which one to go for. A reputable site will always guarantee satisfaction regardless of the psychic you choose.

  • Specialists and Experts Available

Different platforms offer different services. However, the best ones have a more comprehensive range when it comes to psychics with specialties and rare abilities. We made sure that our top psychic reading sites had the most number of psychic experts and specialists to cater to all customers with different types of queries. 

Kasamba has some of the best range of psychic specialties, giving clients lots of options to choose from and the opportunity to address their specific needs.

  • The Website’s Reputation 

The psychic reading sites on our list have served customers for at least ten years, making them some of the most experienced and renowned companies. They have established an unshakeable reputation and are world-famous for delivering quick and accurate readings keeping thousands of customers satisfied. Therefore, they are the tried and true platforms available online for safe and accurate psychic reading.

  • Features Available

When you come across a psychic reading site that offers 3-5 minutes of free psychic reading, you know it is confident about its readers and advisors. This type of feature shows the quality of the site. Most sites do not charge their fresh customers for the first few minutes so that they don’t have to pay for a service they don’t like. 
Besides that, some sites also offer a satisfaction guarantee to their clients. If you’re unhappy about your previous session, you can get a refund or another psychic reading for free.

  • Pricing

The amount you spend on psychic readings depends on the psychics and the platforms. While some sites charge as low as $1 per minute, others can cost more. Our top picks offer numerous psychic reading services at the best prices available online. 

Sites like Kasamba and Mysticsense provide readings at competitive rates, making them some of the most sought-after platforms among thousands of enthusiasts. In addition, they also offer live psychic readings for free and more. You can also find great deals and discounts on our selected sites from time to time. 

Which Is Better- Paid Or Free Psychic Readings?

The psychic reading world is filled with talented and the most gifted psychics, which can only confuse you more while trying to pick one. Luckily, you can narrow down your choices using one technique. Some charge a certain amount per hour, and some are free. 

So, which one is better? You will know after reading about the various factors that determine the answer.

  • Quality and Expertise Level

To be completely honest, paid and free psychic readings have some quality differences. That is not an indication that free psychics do not provide accurate answers or that the paid ones are always correct. 

It’s true that many psychics offering readings for free are amateurs. They are mostly beginners, trying to gain experience and practicing dealing with real people in real-time. Contrarily, paid psychics are typically the most-experienced ones, some on a higher level than the rest, depending on the years they have served as a psychic reader. 

You can talk to a free psychic if you’re just trying out and don’t want to spend money just yet. We recommend paid psychics if you want someone more experienced. 

  • Services Included

Many trustworthy websites offering different types of services and a wide range of psychic readers usually charge a minimum amount. They require you to keep some amount in your account to enjoy their services. Therefore, you get a wider variety of true psychics readings when you go for paid ones. 

When you opt for paid psychics, you can search for a psychic with specialties. For example, if you want to know about your relationship or love life, you can search for a psychic who has expertise in relationships. 

Free psychic love reading, or any type of free online psychic reading for that matter, may or may not provide legit psychics. Also, they are usually done by psychics with no expertise in a particular field. So, you can expect general readings only. 

So, should you go for a free or a paid psychic?

Those desperately in need of guidance, help, and answers are better off going to a paid psychic as they are more experienced and experts in certain fields. But if you’ve just found out about psychic readers and are planning to get an experience, you might want to do it without spending money.

Since many paid services offer free reading minutes as introductory offers to newbies, you’ll still find ways to save up on the sessions. 

Should you opt for Local or Online Psychics?

There can be advantages and disadvantages to both. So you’ll have to weigh and see which is more suitable for you. 

The traditional way of getting a psychic reading is physically going to a local psychic and meeting them face to face. However, it has never been the most convenient and comfortable way to let someone guide you and read your cards. Therefore, there are many drawbacks when it comes to visiting a local psychic.

Online psychic reading, on the other hand, came into being in the 90s, much to people’s skeptic views. The industry, however, boomed and grew over the past few years. Today, there are numerous sites offering free/affordable readings across the web.

You can consider these aspects to decide whether a local or an online psychic is best for you-

  • Communication and Convenience

There’s only one way to communicate with a local psychic- face-to-face. On the contrary, getting in contact with an online psychic can be done in various ways. You have email, chat, video call, and phone call options. Depending on how comfortable you are talking to new people, you can choose your suitable mode of communication with online platforms.

It is also far more convenient to turn on your phone or computer and get in touch with your psychic than traveling physically to meet them in person. 

  • Discounts and Offers

A local psychic most likely won’t present you with a discount or a promotional offer! But online sites can, especially for newcomers. While some offer free psychic readings for the first few minutes, some can provide discounts on the overall rate.

  • Psychic reading varieties

Visiting a local psychic also has limitations when it comes to variety. Meaning you will only get what they have to offer. If your psychic only knows how to read palms, that’s all you’re going to get out of your time and money investment

However, with online psychic websites, there are thousands of specialists at your disposal. From astrologers to clairvoyants and family & love psychics to finance psychics, the options are abundant if you want to go to an expert in a specific reading. 

All in All, we think an online psychic will provide you with better prices, options, and accuracy. Given these various factors and comparisons, a local psychic has many limitations if you only look for the best. So think about going to an online psychic before searching for “a local psychic near me!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free online psychics accurate?

You can expect great psychic readings online if you go to a reputable site that examines and screens their readers thoroughly before appointing them. Doing so ensures top quality and accurate results for every client who seeks their service. 

All of our top five psychic reading sites have verified and reliable readers. Note that there are some psychics more experienced and skilled than the rest, therefore, having the ability to give better readings. You can see their reviews and ratings on their bio and find the best one.

Is psychic reading expensive?

The answer to that depends on the site you’re going to and the readers too. The more established the website and the more experienced the readers, the higher it will cost. Also, top-rated psychics with special skills can charge more than others. 

Most sites charge $24 to $60 for a psychic reading. Some may charge hourly or use coin systems. If you don’t know what a coin system is, it is a system that lets you purchase coins using cash. You can then pay for the readings using coins.

How can psychic reading benefit you?

Many people go to psychic readers to find answers to their questions about different aspects of life. Psychic specialists are available to talk about specific issues. For example, some experts can give you guidance for your family, love life, and relationships, while others specialize in career guidance. You can also choose psychics that answer queries about the afterlife, your dreams, the present, past, and future, and even lost objects.

Is tarot reading possible over the phone?

Many people perform tarot reading over the phone as psychics can successfully do them. Unlike in person, you don’t have to pick or shuffle cards for a reading through the phone. Some platforms also provide digital tarot cards for online readings. 

Is email, chat, or phone better for free psychic reading?

There are different means of communication when it comes to online psychic reading. While email, chat, and phone readings are offered by most platforms, we recommend phone or chat instead of email for more accurate results. Through phone and chat, the psychic can contact you in real-time and communicate with your energy better. Also, you’ll have a slower response if you contact them through emails.

Are cheap online psychic readers reliable?

Cheap doesn’t mean they are fake. And pricey certainly doesn’t mean they are the best. Whether or not you’re getting accurate readings depends on the site you’re using. There are many affordable online psychic hotlines for you to try and see.

Remember that you also have to be honest about everything to get accurate answers. That should not be a problem, as reliable online psychic reading sites do not disclose customers’ information.

Our selection of free psychic reading sites offers great discounts for clients. Check them out today; you might get to ask a free psychic question!


Many people get discouraged with their free online psychic readings because of the wrong choice of readers/sites. Trusting anyone online can also be scary, as there are several scammers. That’s why we created this list for you to find the best psychics available online that won’t break your bank.

You can make an informed decision on which site to visit as we have included all the info you need about the sites. Give them a look and choose a psychic reading site based on the type of psychic you want to see and how much you want to spend.