Chorizo blamed for salmonella outbreak at Firefly

CREATED May 22, 2013

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Chorizo, a type of sausage, is being blamed for the salmonella outbreak at Firefly restaurant last month. 

The Southern Nevada Health District released a report Wednesday stating that chorizo tested positive for the salmonella bacteria. 

In April, anywhere between 73 and 221 people became sick from salmonella after visiting Firefly on Paradise during a two-day span. 

Victims included local Las Vegas residents and tourists from as far away as Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Health inspectors tested stool samples and confirmed the cause of their sickness was salmonella.

The restaurant was inspected and shut down after receiving several demerits. 

Officials obtained several food samples which were sent to a lab for testing. 

Eventually, chorizo was found to have strains of the salmonella bacteria. 

Several lawsuits have already been brought against Firefly on Paradise. 

Restaurant ownership plans to open a completely new location nearby the shuttered eatery.