Commission approves zoning changes next to pet cemetery

CREATED Sep 19, 2012

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Story first aired: June 24, 2010

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The City of Las Vegas Planning Commission approved an area of land next to the Craig Road Pet Cemetery to be zoned as office space.

The decision was made at a meeting. There is a proposal to put a bank next to the cemetery.

The planning commission rejected a similar request in June 2010 that would have put a Carl's Junior restaurant at the corner of Craig Road and Tenaya Way. The zoning would have been changed from residential to commercial.

After public outcry, the developer, Phil Zobrist, reached out to the community to find a commercial business nearby, residents would consider more suitable.

Craig Weiman, a cemetery manager, said, "I do know a lot of people don't want anything out there, but unfortunately, it is a time where progress has to happen. And if they're not going to give it to us where we can develop it into a cemetery property, then at least I'd like to see something out there besides an abandoned house that does attract unwanted things."

Zobrist said he hired a survey company that found 86-percent of residents polled supported a bank next to the cemetery.

Changing the zoning to office space prevents a restaurant like Carl's Junior from buying the space, because it is a commercial property.