Conflict over Carl's Junior being built near pet cemetery

CREATED Sep 19, 2012

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Story first aired: Sept. 24, 2009

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's a final resting place for thousands of beloved pets, but people who visit one cemetery in the Valley are worried about what may move in next door.

The Craig Road Cemetery has been around for decades but there are plans in the works to build a new fast food restaurant on an empty lot nearby.

The owner of a lot next to the cemetery wants to tear down an old house and put up a new Carl's Junior. But for those who laid their pets to rest there, they want them to be able to rest in peace.

Headstones at the cemetery date back to 1963 and many are marked with flowers and flags. It's not just the pet cemetery owners who are upset, dozens of pet owners have signed a petition to keep the restaurant out.

"You're sitting here thinking about memories of your pet and you don't want to hear, do you want to super-size your fries," explained one man who is against the Carl's Junior being built.