Final statement from DYS

CREATED Jul 31, 2012

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Below is the final statement from DYS:

DYS is currently looking into the situation and will have resolution shortly. In the meantime, we urge you to contact your bank for a reversal of the charges as they do not show up in our system. DYS does not store and maintain records of credit card numbers; we can only access the last 4 digits of a credit card that was charge by us. If we receive a chargeback notice from your bank, we will approve the refund. The bank will be able to provide you with immediate credit for the charges.

Diversity Youth Sports practices and promotes individual core values by providing opportunities for everyone to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. The mission of Diversity Youth Sports is to develop the total person-spirit, mind and body-through character-development programs that build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. 
It has come to the attention of Diversity Youth Sports that a few customers may have received a charge or charges to their credit or debit cards that looks like it was processed by DYS. After looking into the matter further, we have concluded that these charges were not processed by or authorized by DYS or its staff. DYS has no access to customer credit card information after the original charge has been made. We do not store records of card numbers and we do not have the ability to re-charge transactions without having the card present, or without it being typed in by a customer through our website. DYS does contract 3 merchant service providers that process and store credit card payment information, and it appears that they may be at fault for these unauthorized charges. We have already changed to a new merchant credit card processor and we are currently upgrading our website. We are looking into which of these companies is putting charges through under our name. DYS is not receiving any of the charge transactions, and what every company is doing it, has also take money from our foundations account. We have worked with our bank to have those funds returned. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 
If a customer should find a transaction they do not recognize, they are urged to contact their bank for a full credit of the transaction. DYS is unable to find and/or refund transactions that it did not process, and this is the case if you received an unauthorized charge.
Your experience with DYS is important to us and we hope you try us again in the future. Any customer effected by this will also be receiving, in the mail, a free registration voucher that may be used for any season up to 1 year.   
We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.