Mayor Goodman responds to GSA controversy

CREATED Apr 5, 2012

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Mayor Carolyn Goodman released a statement on Thursday regarding the controversy involving a General Services Administration event in Las Vegas in 2010.

It reads: 

“I believe the President has acted appropriately and is holding federal officials accountable for any misuse of taxpayer dollars. However, if Congress feels there is a need to hold a hearing, the focus should be on fiscal responsibility within the General Services Administration and by no means on Las Vegas. To do otherwise uses Las Vegas as a scapegoat and distracts from the real issue at hand. I believe that all citizens have a right to expect and to know that tax dollars are being spent wisely by the federal government, but I have become concerned about the tone of the dialogue and how Las Vegas is being referenced. Personal attacks on Las Vegas serve no purpose and have the potential to impact the 370,000 employees and their families associated with the number one industry in Southern Nevada. Thus, I urge Congressman Mica to hold any hearing on this matter in Washington and to focus on GSA operations and leave Las Vegas out of the dialogue. Failure to do so could cause harm to the Las Vegas tourism industry and jeopardize its ability to lead the economic recovery of Southern Nevada already under way.”
-       Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman