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CREATED Aug 12, 2011

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There are several local resources to help you solve problems that can make living in Las Vegas frustrating. Below are several contacts for filing neighborhood complaints in the state of Nevada.

For building and zoning code violations at your home, property or business, file a Code Enforcement Complaint Form.

To file a code enforcement complaint in Clark County, click here.

To file a code enforcement complaint in the City of Las Vegas, click here.

To file a code enforcement complaint with the City of Henderson, click here.

If you believe your renter's rights have been violated, put your complaints into writing, and submit them to your landlord, apartment manager or leasing agent.

Read about your renter's rights here.

If you believe your car was illegally towed, file a complaint here.

The Nevada Real Estate Division handles investigations into homeowners associations, real estate permit holders and more. File a complaint here.

For issues with renters and landlords, learn your tenant rights and how to file a complaint against your property manager at this website.

If you are moving, here is a list of Nevada Transportation Authority-certified moving companies.

For more resources to filing complaints and knowing your rights, visit the Action News Consumer Complaint Center.

If you're finding it difficult to solve your neighborhood complaint, fill out a You Ask. We Investigate form. We'll read your submission and see if we can help.

Or, you can email us at or call our Contact 13 hotline 702-368-2255 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.