Warning: Be aware of gas station thieves called "sliders"

CREATED Aug 7, 2013

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Houston, TX (KTNV) -- Customers should never let their guard down at the gas station. A new kind of crime is spreading fast, and the thieves are targeting women.

Police call them "sliders" for the way these gas station thieves slide below the top of your door and wait for just the right moment to pounce and run off with your purse or wallet.

From Corbin, Kentucky, to Tampa, Florida, these slippery sliders are being caught on camera all across the country.

Police said they're all just petty criminals.

"They're not looking for a confrontation, they just want the property because they know it's being left abandoned and you're not paying enough attention," said Jim Woods, Houston Police Dept.

So what can you do to keep this from happening?

Lock your car doors, even if you're stepping out to fuel up. The theft can happen in an instant.