Some states cracking down on fake online reviews

CREATED Sep 24, 2013

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New York (KTNV) -- A heads up for everyone who looks to online reviews before buying a product or heading to a restaurant: It turns out, many of those reviews are fake.

Now, at least one state is cracking down on the fraud.

As many as 30-percent of all online reviews for some products are fake, with people getting paid anywhere from $3 to $50 to convince consumers that a product or place is worth their money.

The New York attorney general is fining 19 companies $350,000.

The fines range from $2,500 to just under $100,000 for paying people to write phony, positive Internet reviews of companies and products they've never even heard of.

Even websites like Yelp, that have rules to keep the cons out, said it's still a difficult battle.