Search underway for men who parachuted in New York

CREATED Oct 1, 2013

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New York (KTNV) -- The New York Police Department is trying to solve a mystery in lower Manhattan.

Security video shows two men in black suits and helmets parachuting to the ground in front of a major Wall Street bank, all in the middle of the night.

Police said the two men, dressed in black, suddenly dropped from the sky sometime overnight.

Officials said they were seen with parachutes walking away from the location.

Police are baffled, unsure if the men jumped from a plane or off the top of a building.

What investigators do know is that no one signed off on Monday morning's stunt in New York, which security guards at Goldman Sachs saw unfold on company surveillance cameras.

If the two men jumped from a nearby skyscraper, they would join a group of dare devils called "base jumpers," pulling off stunts similar to this.