Scam artists targeting those concerned with ObamaCare

CREATED Sep 18, 2013

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Washington (KTNV) -- Scams are popping up surrounding ObamaCare, where scammers are trying to steal identities and money.

October 1 is the day Americans can start signing up for insurance in the new exchanges. Then Januard 1 is the deadline for getting a health care plan or pay a penalty.

Scammers know many American still have questions about ObamaCare, and they're taking advantage of confused citizens.

Consumer watchdogs said they get complaints everyday.

For Marian Kerr, it started with a call to her Nebraska home from someone claiming to be from Washington, D.C. with important changes to her health care.

That's when the call turned upside down.

Kerr mistakenly handed over her birth date, address, social security number and bank information.

She said the conversation needed to be recorded and she had three minutes to answer the questions.

After her experience, Kerr offered some advice: The best thing people should do in this type of situation is just hang up.