Man forgets wife after surgery

CREATED Sep 11, 2013

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Imagine waking up from surgery and not being able to recognize your wife, well that's exactly what one man did.

The man was waking up from a hernia operation, and his confusion has gone viral.

He was sitting up eating a cracker when he looked at the woman sittiing next to his bed, and did not know who she was.

The man went on to ask his wife a series of questions about their lives together, including how long they have been married.

Some skeptics are saying the video is fake, but CNN interviewed the man by phone and he says it is all true. He even gave the doctors name to verify the surgery.

CNN did in fact verify that he underwent surgey back in August.

The man's wife has been by his side for 5 surgeries in the 6 years they've been married.