Fat cat using underwater treadmill to lose weight

CREATED Sep 9, 2013

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Nashville, TN (KTNV) -- A fat cat is slimming down with the help of an underwater treadmill.

Buddha weighed more than 31 pounds when he turned up at a Tennessee animal shelter.

Now, he's working out three days a week at a rehab clinic.

The water holds up his weight and is easier on his joints.

"He's gone from 31.4 pounds, down to 26.8. He's made incredible progress, doesn't give up. It's been an inspiration to folks all over the world," said Dr. Lisa Martin.

Buddha has built up his endurance and can now walk on the treadmill for 12 minutes at a time.

His goal weight is 20 pounds, and once he reaches it, the shelter hopes to find him a good home.