Dance coach fired for song choice during football game

CREATED Oct 2, 2013

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Marshfield, WI (KTNV) -- A dance coach at one high school in Wisconsin was fired after the team performed to Robin Thicke's popular but racy hit song, "Blurred Lines."

It happened during the school's first home football game.

Coach Lisa Jolin was let go in August after the half-time performance. She said school leaders told her the school received complaints about the dance routine.

But they kept the complainers anonymous.

"I got no specifics on how many phone calls were made, no specifics on what was said, no specifics on what they were unhappy with. Was it the performance, was it the movement, the song choice?" said Jolin.

She responded by telling the school the students have always picked their own songs to dance to.

But that didn't matter. The superintendent issued a statement saying Jolin was removed based on appropriate reasons and following district protocols.

Parents and students said two members of the team have quit because Jolin was fired.