Mother receives message in a bottle from deceased daughter

CREATED Jul 13, 2013

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Patchogue, NY (KTNV) -- Superstorm Sandy devastated part of the New York coastline, but for a grieving mother, it also brought some closure.

Workers cleaning up wreckage from the storm spotted something shiny on the beach. A green bottle with a message inside that said, "Be excellent to yourself Dude" and a Manhattan phone number.

Workers dialed the number and Mimi Fery answered, in tears, saying it was her daughter who threw the bottle into the bay when she was 10-years old.

8 years later, her only child died in an unfortunate accident, when she fell off a cliff in Switzerland.

"I think that it was incredible to see the people that would bother to even pick up the bottle during Sandy and call me. It's so many steps that somebody else would not have done," said Fery.

Parks workers are now dedicating a memorial to the girl.

They also gave her mother a bottle filled with sand from the beach, where the message came ashore.

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