Artist gives Barbie doll a real-life makeover

CREATED Jul 3, 2013

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(KTNV) -- An artist in Pennsylvania has given Barbie a real-life makeover.

Nicolay Lamm has recreated the traditional blonde Barbie using the measurements of today's average 19-year-old woman.

Lamm got those measurement from the Centers for Disease Control.

The project at first was just an experiment to see what the difference would be and to address the concerns that the current Barbie doll promotes an unhealthy body image among young girls.

But now, people are asking why Mattel isn't using the same measurements.

Lamm's Barbie has a much wider neck, shorter legs, a more realistic waist and a head that looks less like a lollipop.

If the Barbie doll were a real person, she would be six-foot-tall, have a 16-inch waist and weight 100 pounds.


Barbie gets a real-woman makeover --