Cheerios advertisement sparks controversy

CREATED Jun 2, 2013

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New York (KTNV) -- A nasty fight broke out on Sunday, over a breakfast cereal. It's a fight that puts bi-racial couples in the spotlight.

The ad provoked a tsunami of nasty comments online, so bad the company had to shut down the comments section on YouTube.

The advertisement was supposed to be an adorable little girl trying to make her dad's heart healthier.

But Cheerios' YouTube page featuring the commercial was on lockdown after the comments section filled up with racist slurs, aimed at the ad's inter-racial family.

One comment reportedly said, "More like single parent in the making. Black dad will dip out soon."

Ad Week points to others, referring to "Nazis and racial genocide."

The online controversy has sparked an outpouring of support for the Cheerios ad on the Internet. One fan posted to the cereal company's Facebook page, "I cannot believe the amount of racist feedback. Pretty sad for 2013."

Another wrote, "Thanks Cheerios for showing to America the most important ingredient in a family is love."

It may seem crazy to even be discussing the commercial, but experts said that may be because American companies are behind in reflecting today's society in their advertising.