Blind Oklahoma veteran takes down would-be attacker

CREATED May 4, 2013

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Oklahoma City (KTNV) -- A blind veteran in Oklahoma City was recently assaulted, but his attacker didn't get very far.

Gordon Besaw is a disabled veteran. He was walking down the street with his dog, like any other day. All of a sudden, a guy came up to them and asked Gordon if he was blind.

"He said, I can make you see before you see God," explained Besaw.

The suspect told Besaw to take off his glasses, but he tried to keep on walking. Then, the man attacked him.

But Besaw wasn't going down without a fight; his old military training kicked in.

"I hip-tossed him, letting go of the leash. When I hit the ground on top of him, I told my dog to stay and I began to choke him," said Besaw.

Police showed up to find Besaw laying on top of his attacker.

The 27-year-old man is now facing felony charges.