Young Americans worry more about how someone dumps them than why

CREATED Apr. 25, 2013

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  • More and more people are using social networks or mobile devices to break up Video by


(KTNV) -- Breaking up with someone has always been hard to do but modern dating is putting on whole new spin on the process.

Forget about asking why. Now the question is how.

A new study by an Indiana University professor reveals how compared to other countries, undergraduates in the United States concentrate on the how of the break up instead of the why.

Researchers say Facebook and other forms of social networking are changing the playing field of dating.

In other countries like Japan and Britain, college students focus more on why the relationship ended.

Back in 2010, 57 percent of Americans surveyed on social media responded that they had used their phone to break up with someone.

The face-to-face break up might now be a thing of the past.