Sorority sister's hostile email goes viral

CREATED Apr 24, 2013

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(KTNV) -- A sorority sister's very hostile email to her chapter is getting some national attention.

Some people think it's funny but others think it is controversial.

And now, the university that she attends and the national chapter of her sorority may be looking into it.

The young woman sent an email to her Delta Gamma sisters at the University of Maryland.

The emails was filled with some really foul and really mean words.

The girl's name is being withheld but her email asking her chapter to be "more social" has gone viral on the Internet.

The email first came to light on the video website called Funny Or Die where they make fun of her plea to her sorority sisters to interact a little more with the fraternity guys around campus, specifically the Sigma Nu chapter.

But the email is also filled with lots of curse words and that is the primary cause of the controversy.

The young woman tells her sisters that they should not go to events at night if they are not going to be fun or social.

Since the email has gone public, the student has deactivated her social media accounts.

University of Maryland Delta Gamma chapter president Rachel Norris declined to comment about the email.

Some university directors are calling the incident a "teachable moment."