Jewelry thief swallows ring in attempt to steal it

CREATED Apr 13, 2013

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New Hampshire (KTNV) -- Now you see it, now you don't. That's what one jewelry thief wanted everyone to believe.

This gives a whole new meaning to "appetite for crime."

A guy made a trip to a jewelry store in New Hampshire. He checked out a ring worth more than $3,000 and all of a sudden made a run for it.

However, the clerk wouldn't buzz him out the door.

"She says, 'You took the ring.' And he takes the ring and he pops it into his mouth and says, 'What ring?' And she's like, 'The ring you just swallowed.' And then he was denying that he had taken anything," said store manager David Bellman.

Police took the suspect to the hospital, got a search warrant, then got an X-ray. Then there it was, the diamond ring right in his stomach.

Now he's trading in the hospital bed for a jail cell.

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