Mother has Down syndrome doll made for her daughter

CREATED Apr 7, 2013

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Pittsburgh, PA (KTNV) -- Little girls all over the world play with Barbie dolls. They come in all shapes and sizes, hair colors and styles.

Most little girls want their dolls to look just like them.

That's why one Pennsylvania mother set out to find dolls that looked like her daughter who has Down syndrome. 

"This was Hannah's brilliant idea. She was flipping through a popular girls' catalog, and saw a doll that looked just like her little sister, Theresa, and said, 'There's no doll that looks like me,'" said Connie Feda.

So Connie decided to have one made.

After a two-year search, she came across a doll sculptor in Michigan. That sculptor has now made 16 dolls with Down syndrome.

Some even have chest scars reflecting a common surgery performed on kids with Down syndrome.

Now, Hannah can say at last, "That doll looks just like me."