Former pro wrestler comes to mom's rescue

CREATED Mar 22, 2013

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(KTNV) -- A former pro wrestling star came to the rescue of his mother after a deranged neighbor broke into her apartment.

Christ "The Masterpiece" Masters says he just did what anyone would do.

But, few people could probably do what he did.

It all started Tuesday night. The neighbor broke into his mom's apartment and was ranting and raving.

He was also trying to set fire to the place.

Masters tried to get inside but the door was barricaded.

So, the six-foo-four, 265-pound former wrestler bear hugged a 10-foot ficus tree standing in the way of a window to his mom's room.

He ripped it out of the ground, reached through the window, and pulled his mom to safety.

Masters suffered a few cuts to his arms but his mom was unharmed.

She says that if it wasn't for her son, she would be dead.

The neighbor is now facing attempted murder and arson charges and will undergo a mental health evaluation.