Wrigley's to sell caffeinated chewing gum

CREATED Mar 9, 2013

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  • Courtesy: Wrigley's

New York (KTNV) -- Forget grabbing a coffee or a Coke, there will soon be a new way to put a pick-me-up in your day.

Wrigley's is launching a new product: Caffeinated gum.

It's called Alert Energy Caffeine Gum and contains the caffeine equivalent of half a cup of coffee.

The gum will come in fruit and mint flavors with a bitter taste, similar to an energy drink.

At $2.99, it's more expensive than most gums, but cheaper than an energy drink or Starbucks coffee.

The company said it intends to market the gum to consumers age 25 and older. A warning label on the back says it's not recommended for children.

The gum with a boost hits stores in April.