Michigan principal confiscates Army men placed on cupcakes

CREATED Mar 9, 2013

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Caro, MI (KTNV) -- The father of a Michigan third grade student was fired up over a controversy caused by cupcakes.

Last week, Casey Fountain's son had a birthday party at school.

To celebrate, his wife baked 30 cupcakes for the entire class then topped them with those green plastic Army men.

That's when he said the principal called him and said decorating cupcakes with soldiers was insensitive, considering recent gun-related tragedies.

But the call didn't sit well with Fountain, "I think it's disgusting that they won't allow them in our schools. They are lumping them together with sociopaths that shoot children, because they use the same tool."

The school had the figures removed from the cupcakes.

Fountain said just because he disagrees with the school's decision, it doesn't mean he doesn't care about the safety of children at school.