Hidden camera catches realtor going through drawers

CREATED Mar 7, 2013

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(KTNV) -- If you have ever bought or sold a house, you know that having the right real estate agent makes all the difference.

A good agent should be familiar with your home's square footage, floor plan and features. But, some area should be off limits.

A Virginia couple's nanny cam was rolling recently when they caught their agent with his hand, not in the cookie jar, but in the lingerie drawer.

The realtor is seen casually pulling out and inspecting at least five items from the wife's dresser and then dropping down to explore lower drawers.

The agent even appears to stuff something in his back pocket at one point.

The man has been identified as 60-year-old real estate agent Stephen Brumme.

So, why all the cameras in the house?

The owner says they wanted to see people's reactions to the home they are selling during open houses.

Police arrested the real estate agent and charged him with burglary. He is currently out on bail. Authorities say that his real estate license was suspended immediately.

Police also said that there could be more victims of the man and are asking other sellers to check their drawers.