Staged Hollywood murder video goes viral

CREATED Mar 6, 2013

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(KTNV) -- A new hidden camera video has people talking this morning and the people in Hollywood are behind it.

In the video, people start to walk onto an elevator only to witness what they believe is someone either being beaten or strangled to death.

The whole thing is staged though and the purpose of the video is to promote a new moving starring Colin Farrell.

The video has gone viral and is getting lots of reaction from viewers.

However, during the taping, the staged murders didn't get much reaction at all.

In fact, out of about 110 people, only 20 percent actually tried to stop the murder.

The experiment is being blasted online. One person said "It's like a horrible psych experiment ... borderline sadistic"

Another person added "These 'real' promos keep happening and one of these times, the actor's going to get shot."