Massachusetts school sends home "fat letters" with students

CREATED Feb 27, 2013

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North Andover, MA (KTNV) -- While the nation battles the growing problem of childhood obesity, one Massachusetts elementary school is taking the task to another level.

4th grader Cameron Watson is an active 10-year-old. He's a boxer, plays baseball and football, and plays outside everyday.

When he was sent home from school with a letter that called him obese, his family was outraged.

"No one wants to get a letter being told they are obese. That's a very strong, uncomfortable word and we just didn't see it fitting with our son. He's very active, he's very strong," said Cameron's father Matt Watson.

"I know I'm not obese so I don't really care about the letter. I just crumpled it up," said Cameron.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health said they wanted the letters to send a message, asking parents to be more pro-active about what they feed their kids.

Letters also went home with students who were underweight.