Study says types of chores men do determines amount of sex

CREATED Jan 31, 2013

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(KTNV) -- A new study has been released about how the type of chores husbands do determines how much sex a couple may have.

We have seen studies before about how women are "happier" in marriages when their husbands help with the housework. But, no one has ever look at the type of chores done and how that affects amount of sex until now.

Researchers have found that when men skip the chores traditionally associated with women like cooking, cleaning and dish washing actually have sex 20 times more per year than men who do help with those chores.

In other words, men who take care of traditional male chores like fixing things, car repairs and taking out the trash apparently have more sex with their wives or mates.

The study's authors suggest that overall women still find men more attractive in traditional roles although they say those ideals may not be the most modern and may just be a hangover from the past.

When you look at "total" satisfaction with the entire marriage and not just sex life, women are statistically more "happy" when men help out with the chores -- all of them.

The study titled "Egalitarianism, Housework and Sexual Frequency in Marriage" was conducted by the Center for Advanced Studies at the Juan March Institute in Madrid.