Man wants to return missing wedding ring to owner

CREATED Dec 26, 2012

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(KTNV) -- A married man is missing something very important tonight: his wedding ring.

A good Samaritan found the ring but now comes the hard part -- finding the owner.

He is hoping that someone can help him.

The owner of the ring was on the way to Lake Tahoe on Interstate 80 near Kingvale, Calif., when he stopped to put chains on his tires and lost his wedding ring.

Douglas Benedetti, a snow-chain installer, had stopped to help the ring owner with the chains.

The man realized that he lost his ring but they could not find it and the ring owner eventually left.

Benedetti left too but came back at 1 a.m. to look one more time for the ring.

That time he found it.

Unfortunately, Benedetti did not get the name of the man who lost the ring or his phone number.

The ring is inscribed "Lisa, June 5, 2919."