Tight race for Nevada's new 4th congressional seat

CREATED Oct 31, 2012

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) -- Strictly by the numbers, Democrats just a few short months ago thought Steven Horsford was a lock to win Nevada's newest seat in Congress. But with early voting under way and Election Day nearing, the outcome is anything but certain in his race against well-known Republican businessman Danny Tarkanian.

Democrats hold a 41,000 registration advantage in Congressional District 4 that sprawls across 51,227 square miles.

Democrats' registration edge, concentrated in North Las Vegas, alone may not be enough to trump the conservative GOP base that dominates the rural areas or overcome the Tarkanian brand -- a name deeply imbedded in Nevada sports lore -- and familiar because of repeated but failed attempts at the ballot box.

Once dismissed as a longshot, some recent polls have shown Tarkanian leading.