Extreme couponers becoming illegal couponers

CREATED Aug 20, 2011

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In these tough economic times, who isn't trying to save a buck? Americans are clipping coupons like crazy.  Reality TV has taken notice. TLC's "Extreme Couponing" followed one shopper as she who dove in dumpsters, finding enough coupons to bring her grocery bill from more than $600 to $2.54.

But what's happening in real-life may be stranger than anything you'd find on TV.  Earlier this month, Arkansas police say a woman swiped nearly 200 newspapers outside of a grocery store.  In Cullman, Alabama, thefts are up 30 percent this year.  In Georgia, people are going so far as to take the entire newspaper machine.  By the way, those weigh 100 pounds each. Violators face fines up to a 1000 dollars. 

And while dumpster diving may not be a crime, it is dangerous and disgusting. Still, recycling facilities in Alabama say couponers are jumping in to grab those old papers someone else threw out!  Bargain hunters are going to new lows for low prices.